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HS3 Zwave Nodes Missing

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    HS3 Zwave Nodes Missing

    I recently installed quite a few HS-WD200 switches. I've got about 45 now. I make heavy use of the LED Actions, but things are NOT working well after all the recent additions. I'm not sure if it is due to volume (I sure hope not), or because of a zwave node issue. When I run a test event that changes LED 1 to blue on all HS-WX200 devices, the log shows an error like:
    Z-Wave Error Event Action Set HSWX200 action for event Scripts test led change failed for device node 117
    The issue is that I do not have a zwave Node 117. I confirm this a couple of ways.
    1: Plugins > Z-Wave > Controller Management > Controller Node Information (it does not list node 117 in the "nodes in the controller" section)
    2: Plugins > Z-Wave > Node Information (it does not list 117 as a node, or a neighbor for any other nodes)

    Doing a Test Node Connectivity on a Network says something like "85 nodes found on the network. The following will be skipped: " and it DOES list node 117 in this list along with many others. I'm not sure if this is an old device that did not properly get removed, or what the issue is. I have had a few devices i've had to replace recently.

    What is the disconnect here with what Homeseer thinks I have for zwave nodes, and what my z-net lists as nodes? How can I fix this?

    A couple of thoughts:
    Shutdown Homeseer then go to HomeSeer HS4\Data\Z-wave and the newest file with a .zwave extension. See if you see "117" in that list of devices.

    If you do, you can safely delete that line and try again. Obviously make copies of originals.

    The other thing is how many devices do you have? I thought after 50 things really started to slow down. I have two z-nets with 45 devices on one and 21 pm the other.


      Thanks for the reply.

      I've got quite a few files in there. Some appear to be leftover from when I had a smart stick. Others appear to be from the znet. I have no idea which file is which. I just sorted by Date modified and went with the one from today. It is called "ZNet_Main_C65FA935_2020-09-02_12.53.47.ZWave". I am unsure if this is the backup that I initiated earlier today, or the file you are referencing. In any case I open this in notepad and get stuff like this:
      I'm guessing first numbers here might be node numbers or something. If that is correct, than this file does NOT have node 117. In fact a search of the file does not have 117 at all in it.

      When you ask how many devices, do you mean specifically Z-wave devices, or Homeseer devices?
      I don't actually know the easiest way to tell how many zwave nodes I have. The z-wave networks and options says I have 109 nodes on this z-net. However the nodes in the controller shows only about 99 node ids. And when I do a scan it says "85 nodes found on the network" when it starts.

      I'm not sure about the limit of 50 you mention. I've always been told that "the more devices you have, the better your network will be". The classic mesh line I guess. I know there is a limit of somewhere around 250 nodes on a single zwave network. I am well under that though.


        Yes, you're looking at the correct file. If 117 is not in there then I would try backing up this interface and then restoring the interface. That's under controller management.

        I "think" you're way over the maximum thought to be reasonable. There are minds far smarter than me that can comment on this.


          Backup / Restore does not help. Also, the Controller Node Information section does not include this node, so I'm not sure that it needs to be removed. It seems more like Homeseer is holding onto an old node or something, not my z-wave network. I'm not sure how those HS-WD200 Actions work though.