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    Send Push Notification Via Script


    I am a total newbie so bare with me. I have been trying to get push notification to my phone with Homeseer. I know about pushover plugin and may give that a try. But upon researching, I've discovered this App that has the following API (see attached).

    I would like to create an event that run an immediate script using that API to get push notification but don't know where to start.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    You actually don't even need a script. Look at HSBuddy. You can create an event and in that event just call HSBuddy as an action and you can then select a push notification where you can specify the number and also the text.

    I use it all the time to let me know if one of my door locks did not respond, the alarm went off, etc. It even has an Apple Watch app that you can get the pushes on your watch without having to pull out the phone at a restaurant, driving, etc. I do have to take care of just when to use it as, unless email, the push immediately will ding your phone vibrate your watch as a priority event. So I have emails for some events and pushes for things that I should know about like to get back home.