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    Originally posted by claude View Post
    You're right. My way though, all the logic is presented in the same event.
    That is my point as well - yes you can add more events but it makes for more errors/maintenance.

    +1 for conditional actions - i asked for this before and it would reduce number of events i use big time


      Thanks guys. That fixed it. I am not even sure why there is an "advanced" mode if the features hidden are needed to make it work right?!?!

      Thanks again.


        Group conditions

        I have setup an auto lighting group which performs a number of on-off sequences to simulate lighting while away and I have put the basic parameters in the group conditions. An additional condition which I think would be most helpful:
        "The time is after sunset, but before this" with a time offset allowed, so that one could specify, say 30 minutes before sunset, up to a specific time.
        Another way would be: "The time is after this before sunset", combined with another ending criteria. The reason behind this is that it gets dark enough in a house well before sunset, so a good simulation needs to start earlier.
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