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Hs3 remove dead zwave nodes - Fixed!

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    I'm having trouble removing a dead node.
    I added a new device which then died before I could fully set it up.
    It now appears in my Node list - but not as a Device in the device list.
    As it is not in the device list I can't use the remove button in there.

    Any ideas?


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      Bad Node Removed :-)

      I attempted to remove a Bad Node by clicking the 'Remove Bad Node' button.

      This failed.
      I seem to recall a feature of Z-wave optimisation that would remove bad nodes after so many failed attempts.

      So i clicked Test Connectivity, this failed.
      I then clicked full optimize on the bad node and this failed.

      I then clicked 'Remove Bad Node' again and it worked.

      Checked in Z-Wave Controller Node Info, and the Node ID has gone, the devices are no longer in HS3.


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        As a last resort, you can backup the interface then edit that backup in notepad, removing the dead nodes (each node is a line in that file, with the node number as the identifier to start that line). Save the file and restore the interface to that file.

        Again, last resort - but for the record I had to do this several times - I did a full optimize several times after.


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          This "successful" process for the "Removal of a bad node" still works today July 18 2018, as written by Techn0 (a long time ago). I was delightfully surprised to see the dead/bad node go away. Too bad this issue has never been fixed in software after a decade of not being fixed.
          --- STEPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL BAD NODE REMOVAL = use the root Zwave device: 1) Test connection = fail, 2) Full Optimization = Fail, 3) Click Remove Bad Node = Success