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    I just got a K8055 - lots of nice ports and MrHappy (Adam) was kind enough to let me have his code.

    Now in full disclosure this ISN'T just an upgrade - the way I use HomeSeer is to talk to individual room PCs (actually NetBooks) which run MediaPortal and this is my desired usage.

    But this version DOES work with >>multiple boards<< and also will take >>asynchronous changes<< to the K8055 inputs.

    I haven't had this lock up over a couple of days running on a test PC - so looks good!

    I intend to use this to make cheaper (and simpler*) inputs like PIR and outputs (directly runs mains level solid state Triacs).

    (*I use Z-Wave, Lightwave etc. but find these are FAR too complicated when used with the super flexible HomeSeer.)

    So HomeSeer has a NetK8055 plugin (the Server HS sub folder) and the room PC runs a separate program (the Client PC sub folder).

    These communicate across TCP/IP using port 8055 (why not).

    Additionally the link has a common HSPI library I use.

    Should you wish to 'nail' the two (Server & Client) together to make directly [USB] connected K8055's to the HomeSeer PC you'd just need to remove the TCP/IP code really.

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