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What is difference in this device value trigger?

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    For SET,

    another exemple is when you have a virtual device that control a group of devices ( i.e a room)

    it is better to have the ‘’ is set’’ triger.

    if one of the device of the room have changed because you mannually controlled the switch. The virtual device wont have changed. So if the virtual device was alrealdy off, amd you want to set the room to off again, then i will works
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      I have wireless buttons that report when they have been pushed. They never change value. I use "device has been set" to toggle lights on and off, or to initiate an event.


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        I think using "Value Set" is very implicit and sound a bit dodgy to me. I prefer explicit state management - create a device for the button and when pushed reset it to Off after a second. And when this button state changes to On - use Easy Trigger for example to toggle other devices.

        That why I created AKSamertDevice plugin to make it really simple.