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Anyone successfully using Z-wave remote plug-in?

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    Originally posted by SteveMSJ View Post
    I tried this at the weekend in the hope that things may have changed lately but no. Same result as Pete in December 2014.

    Any chance HS may look at compatibility between linux and windows Z-Wave plug-in to allow remote connection?
    I may well be wrong but my guess is that HS have to produce different versions of the ZWave plug-in for Windows and Linux due to port handling in mono. I suspect that there is a routine in the plug-in that checks which version of os HS is running on when it initialises to make sure that the correct version is being run. When you run the linux version remotely connecting to HS on windows you get a log message in HS saying something like:

    'Initializing plug-in...Z-Wave instance...Error, wrong os type'

    It thinks you are trying to run the linux version on windows. It may well be that it could work fine as the plug-in running on linux is handling the port communications, and interfacing with the server is platform independent.

    If my assumptions are correct it might be a relatively easy fix, but it is probably much more complicated.

    I will submit a bugzilla enhancement request when I have some time.