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Secure SIR 321 Countdown Timer

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  • Secure SIR 321 Countdown Timer

    Anyone using the SIR321 Z-Wave Countdown Timer and if so how do you get it to report the temperature and HS3 to display it?

    A founder member of "The HA Pioneer Group" otherwise known as the "Old farts club!"
    HomeSeer 3 V with ALEXA (AKA Amazon Echo)
    BL Radar V2.0.217; BLRF V2.0.85.0; HS Touch V3.0.0.1034 X10 V3.0.0.42; PHLocation V3.0.0.38; Zwave V3.0.1.110; X10 V3.0.0.42
    BLBackup V2.0.39;ImperiHome3.0.0.20 All on Windows XP Pro

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    Hi, looking for the same answer. Just bought one and can get the main device into homeseer (Although it reports a Horstman) the sensor probe is not being created.


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      Forgot to say.. i have purchased and installed/wired up the ses001ntc sensor


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        The user manual states.. "Two association groups are supported : Group-1: Nodes to receive Schedule report Group-2: Nodes to receive multilevel sensor report Each group contains maximum 4 nodes. Note: Group-2 is available only when external temp sensor is connected." i have cionnected and rescanned the node. Butnothing comes up nbor does it give me the option to see association 2.

        Any help would be appreciated.


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          For others.... got it working.... I excluded node from network and re included. Both associatiosn appeared and temperature device was createdin homeseer. Nice one !!!