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HS3 Release Notes & Downloads

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    HS3 Release Notes & Downloads

    Latest Build

    8-12-19: Release is available for software and all controllers.

    For HS3 software and Windows based controllers such as the S series, just restart HS3, it will prompt you to update. The download is also available from the downloads page at or from here:

    For all Linux based controllers (Zee S2, SEL), go into Setup and click the Update button.

    For manual install on a Linux system, TAR file gzipped:

    Tar file download (for your own build of Linux):

    NOTE: For your own version of Linux and using the tarfile, make sure you have MONO 4.0 or later installed otherwise you might not be able to install plugins.

    NOTE: For MACOS, the log may not work with the default Linux install. To get the log working, download the following lib file and save it to the "bin" folder in the HomeSeer folder:

    Release Notes

    Changed from to
    • Added update to 911 page for upgrading to HS (Zee and SEL controllers)
    • No changes for Windows

    Changed from to
    Changed from to
    • New devices are not enabled for voice commands (Alexa, Google Home)
    • Fixed an issue where config restore would hang the system when the restore was very large
    • Fixed an issue where restoring a config would not restore the html folder

    Changed from to
    • Added support to add our new HS cameras using HS Mobile
    • Fixed JSON command setdevicestatus could not set a value of 0
    • Added a "compress" option to JSON command getstatus to speed up HS Mobile
    • Added a new "getsessionconfig" to get permission info
    • Fixed voice command "set device to # percent"
    • Control Use options can not be set on status pairs (needed for future Alexa updates)
    • Backup now includes html folder
    • Fixed global conditions not working with plugins
    • Fixed unable to add "Or If" to a global condition
    • Fixed remote plugins did not display proper license
    • Devices no longer display "Dim" as a status if no status pairs have been added
    • Devices not longer display ON/OFF buttons by default if no control pairs are added
    • Parent/Child relationships are checked on startup and issues logged as warning
    • The Labs tab in setup has a new button to fix broken parent/child relationships (should fix HS Mobile issues with devices)
    • Event list now has a disabled icon if an event is disabled (some users could not see the red color)
    • Fixed events in HS Mobile not honoring the user access setting for users in HS

    Changed from to
    • This build is required for use with our new HomeSeer Mobile App for Android and IOS
    • System now creates a new database file every 10 minutes as a backup. If the main database becomes corrupt, this saved database is used automatically.
    • Changes to camera discovery
    • When HS starts and a database issue is found in the HomeSeerData.hsd file, it then attempts to load a backup
    • When logging energy data, if the device that is being logged does not exist in the energy database, it is added at the time of logging
    • Event callback queue for plugins changed from 500 to 2000 entries to avoid dropping callbacks
    • Fixed issue where voice recognition was not working from HSTouch
    • Added check_vcmd2.vb script hook for getting Amazon Echo device ID
    • Changed default plugin load setting so plugins do not load in the background
    • Changed Foscam camera support to use snapshot by defaults (fixes cameras not responding)
    • For HSTouch RSS feeds, now URLDecodes text
    • Fixed status/graphics editor so color picker can be chosen for control type
    • Fixed event action to set the color on a color bulb, not presents a color picker
    • Fixed ability to set a static IP and enable WIFI on Zee S2
    • Changed database saving to save less often
    • Changes to JSON API for HomeSeer mobile

    Changes from to
    • Fixed a crash introduced with build 425
    • Fixed longitude setting in setup was reversed
    • Added a parameter to JSON call controldevicebyvalue named "waitfordevicechange" to not return until the device is controlled
    • Added missing CONTROL_USE_COLOR_CONTROL setting to status/graphics editor

    Changes from to
    • Fixed COM port support not sending any data for USB0 device (when using COM port # 0)
    • Fixed an issue where the log filter will not filter on the previous day
    • Enabled log file pruning and energy database compaction (was disabled in previous builds for testing)
    • Changes to fix app hanging on shutdown
    • Fixed error attempting to add/change users from setup
    • Note: version 415 on Linux and 417 on Windows are identical
    • The use of System.timers.timer has been replaced with threads. It appears there is an issue with timers on MONO and this change is fix high CPU usage and crashing on Linux.
    • Plugins are loaded in the background (setting on Labs tab)
    • Fixed hs.MEDIAIsPlaying to not error with HSTouch clients
    • Fixed a problem where recurring triggers that had conditions would use excessive CPU
    • On Linux, fixed COM port script calls now function. Use port 0 for /dev/USB0, 1 for /dev/USB1, etc.
    • Fixed crash if an event calls itself
    • Added SSL support to web server, configure on Labs tab in setup. For Linux, MONO 5 is probably required
    • Added voice command setting and checkbox in event properties to support running events from Alexa (V3 SmartHome API)
    • Changed HSEvent mechanism to speed up event notifications to plugins
    • Fixes to handle some reported crashes
    • Fixed currently installed version of a plugin not listed on plugins page
    • Fixed Foscam cameras not being displayed on camera page
    • Added HS3Sentry (watchdog) to Linux versions
    • If sending an email in HTML format, status text can include HTML from status/graphics tab in device properties
    • Fixed possible memory leak related to HSTouch
    • Fixed error logging queue empty
    • Added individual event callback queues for plugins to avoid the issue where one plugin does not respond and stops all plugins from processing event information
    • Minor change to event engine to remove a potential block when devices change status
    • Added anti-virus that is enabled to the system profile on the help page
    • Changes to event handling to deal with changes to the event format for import/export of events using JSON
    • Changed the default setting for UPNP to disabled (not really needed since is a better solution)
    • Reworked INI reading and writing to avoid possible loss of data
    • Added internal event queues status to system profile page
    • Removed IP from speaker client name so events can reference the proper client
    • Fixed security issue with Linux tools screen

    Changes from to
    • Fixed some HSTouch issues introduced with build 362
    Changes from to
    • Fixed HSTouch clients not able to connect
    • Added changes to reading and writing INI files to avoid corruption

    Changes from to
    • Functionality of HSTouch has been moved into HS3. This improves performance. HSTouch settings are now on the Network tab in Setup. Camera setup has its own tab in Setup.
    • Added support for Google Home.
    • Added a "Labs" tab in setup for adding new features that are experimental or not complete.
    • If you were using the Beta of the HSTouch Server plugin and were using H264 streaming, that will not work with this build. We have not finalized H264 streaming support so it was not added to HS3. You will need to stay with your current HS3 version or switch to a snapshot URL.

    Other changes:
    • Added setting in device properties to hide a device from mobile views, such as HSTouch
    • Added a setting to disable the auto creation of user accounts when logging in using HSTouch through MyHS (also logs when this happens)
    • Fixed an issue where HSTouch would stop allowing more connections
    • Fixed issue where sunrise/sunset times were being calculated differently for triggers and conditions
    • Fixed some issues related to web links when using multi instance plugins
    • Fixed help file links, now point to new help files
    • Fixed graphics not saving from status/graphics page on Linux
    • Fixed clientActions used from a script to control HSTouch, some actions were not being handled
    • Added multi user support for the JSON interface. "user" paramter is now passed to HS so the JSON interface can limited to control only the devices assigned to that user
    • Added multi user support for Amazon Alexa. Multiple Echo units can be linked in a single home and control limited to devices assigned to the given user
    • Added "Voice Command" property to devices for use with voice commands (currently only works with Alexa and Google SmartHome skills)
    • Fixed HSTouch action to display a screen on a client
    • Minor change to hstouch events actions to attempt to fix screen changing events not always working
    • On Linux, moved newtonsoft dll to bin/homeseer folder so the dll does not conflict with plugins
    • Moved Newtonsoft JSON dll to a private folder so it does conflict with existing plugins using a different version of the dll.
    • Fixed SONOS plugin not speaking TTS
    • Fixed export/import of events from the Labs tab in setup. Most event triggers and actions should no export/import
    • Fixed device images not displayed in HSTouch clients

    Changes from to
    • Fixed device status page right click not working
    • Fixed restoring an update now restores script files
    • fixed issue with duplicate event reference #'s causing error
    • Fixed received email commands, added new commands to documentation

    Changes from to
    • Fixed an issue that prevent the mobile app Z-Tool+ from naming devices
    Changes from to
    • The updater control file updater.txt is not longer saved on users systems (security issue)
    • Downloaded update files and zip files are removed from the system at startup
    • Fixed ability to unlink a device from device properties
    • Fixed linked device not saving
    • Fixed email script calls to get email message text, subject, etc.
    • Added ability to link devices (when one device changes, the linked device is controlled)
    • Fixed security issue when logging in
    • Fixed memory leak when running C# scripts
    • Fixes to JSON to change some device properties
    • Fixed check_vcmd.vb script now works on Linux
    • Minor changes to event handling
    • Fixed some external URL references
    • Fixed issue when device reference # reaches 9999 and system locks up with high CPU usage
    • Fixed "Device Set" in device properties, device last change time is now updated even if a device does not change status (if feature enabled)

    Changes from
    • Changes to support Amazon Echo (back end API changes, does not affect operation)
    • Changes to better support new HomeSeer store
    • Extended plugin API timeout to avoid plugin disconnects
    • Removed MyHS port 80 access, MyHS now only supports port 10300
    • Timer devices no longer send an update to HSTouch if the timer is not running (reduces load on HSTouch clients)
    • Fixed log not displaying when time separator is set to "." (fixes errors with Energy data logging also)

    Changes from from
    • Fixed issue with events losing actions
    • Fixed issue with scripts not running due to system thinking script was already running
    • Added support for Amazon Echo Connected Home API version 2 which adds thermostat stat support (See
    • Events are now run threaded to avoid events not running due to a "stuck" action
    • Fixes for Amazon Echo Skill
    • Check added at startup to ensure Scheduler.dll file is correct version for build

    Changes from

    Build 258 adds support for the Amazon Echo, with a HomeSeer Skill and the Amazon Connected Home API

    For use with the API see here:

    For use with the Skill, enable the skill in your Alexa app, also see here:
    • Fixes to many voice commands
    • Fixed recurring triggers not always triggerring
    • Voice command page in setup now saves changes

    Changes from
    • More fixes to VR phrases for Amazon Echo HomeSeer Skill
    • Fixed events page not displaying properly after a group re-assign
    • Send email action now allows emails without a body message
    • Fixed hs.counterincremment and hs.counterdecrement functions
    • Fixed device becomes any value trigger not collapsing in events editor
    • Fixed error running events by name if event name contains non-US characters
    • Added ability to enable/disable voice command on devices from device management page multiselect droplist
    • Fixed unable to install plugins when using MONO 4.x (affects standard Linux users only)

    Changes from
    • Fixes to the voice handling for Amazon Echo HomeSeer Skill
    • Fixed positioning of the color picker dialog

    Changes from
    • Fixed events using "Set On" trigger not triggering

    Changes from
    • Added support for our Amazon Echo voice skill that is now available from the Alexa App. This skill does all parsing in HomeSeer so you can say the same phrases as the mobile app. Note: Make sure you enable the Voice Control checkbox on any devices that you want to control with your voice.
    • Some fixes to event processing
    • If devices cannot be loaded at startup, events are still loaded
    • Fixed About page not loading properly

    Changes from
    • Added System Profile to Help page
    • Help button on menu bar displays Help page

    Changes from
    • Changes to MyHS to fix connection issues

    Changes from
    • Fixed device status page not editable if user was not "default"
    • Removed setting from setup to disable remote access on Linux as this rendered the system unaccessible unless a monitor was attached

    Changes from
    • You can now log out from the web interface even if you have "No password required for local logins" enabled. This fixes an issue where you could get locked out of the site if you set the local user to a Normal or Guest user
    • Devices are now created for any Timers or Counters you create. This enhances the triggering as you can use the devices in triggers. The devices can also be used in HSTouch to display the current timer/counter values.
    Note: If you have installed a beta version of the HSTouch plugin, this update may uninstall your current HSTouch plugin. After the install completes go to the plugins page and re-install the HSTouch Plugin if it is missing. Future updates will not have this issue.

    Release is available for software and all controllers, see below for download instructions.

    Changes from
    • Changes to JSON interface to support Z-Tool+
    • Removed some excessive log statements
    • Removed guest access from default user setting
    • Added user access per device (to test with HSTouch you will need HSTouch Server plugin or later)
    • On Zee/Zee S2, fixed ability to set a static IP address

    Changes from
    • New JSON commands added, see latest JSON docs here:
    • Added device option in device properties to not update last change time if device does not actually change status.
    • Some formatting fixes on device management page.
    • Added support for new Z-Tool+ mobile Z-Wave installation tool.

    Release is available for software and all controllers.

    Changes from
    • New icons with consistent look added, icons are now selectable as a set from setup/Custom page. 2 sets are available, the new Contemporary set and the previous "Classic" set. Contemporary is the default. You may need to clear your images cache in your browser to see the changes.
    • Changed the min width of the Name column on the device management page to keep it from being too small, refresh your web page to insure you get the new style sheet.
    • A fix was added for compacting the energy database.
    • MyHS now loads pages faster.
    • Added a setting in setup to disable checking for updates.
    • Sorting on device management page now sorts properly if sorted values contain numbers.
    • Fixed playing wave files from speaker clients on Linux.
    • By default the address and device image columns are disabled, enable on the custom page in setup if needed.
    • On HomeTroller SEL static IP now needs to be set using system settings from graphical UI.
    • Fixed runevent JSON command.

    Changes from
    • Removed excessive scripting log messages that were added in build 180
    • Zee build now includes Z-Wave plugin
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    HS3 build has been released!

    Release notes here:
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