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    Garage Door Opener Advice

    Hi All,

    Hoping for some advice. We just moved into a new house and are putting in a garage door opener this week. Believe it or not I don't have much experience with garage door openers beyond pressing the button. I want to be sure it's compatible with hs3.
    From what I can tell it sounds like I will need to purchase the garage door opener + z-wave sensor.

    My car has built in programmable garage door buttons that are compatible with homelink. I definitely want to use those as part of the setup.

    Is there a garage door opener only solution that has the ability to be controlled via hs3 without the need for the add on sensor AND is compatible with homelink?

    If not, could you tell me what hardware you are using for your solution?
    I'm considering a unit from either Sommer or Chamberlain.

    I've sifted through lots of similar posts and have some confusion around this topic so any advice you may have is greatly appreciated.

    Have a great Friday (or whatever day it may be when you read this and thanks for your time.


    Not sure if this helps, but gives you some ideas. I haven't automated my door yet, just because I am still a security nut allowing physical access to my house (I just finally bought a zwave lock a couple months ago).

    Technically, any garage door opener can be automated with the right tools. If it were me, I would get the opener you like, some have battery backup which is nice in power failure times. The connected solutions they come with now are wifi related generally with an app on your phone, and generally closed solution.

    You do run the risk of making sure its up to code... meaning it has to beep in some fashion (and/or trigger flashing lights) to warm someone that its about to do something. Lowe's sells a product for under 100 bucks that is zwave connected for garage doors that does all of this for you.

    Personally here, I pretty much have everything already in place to set it up. I have a zwave door sensor on my garage doors to give me status, my lights in the garage are zwaved, and I have cameras on both doors that I can view.

    I would probably get a siren and setup some kinda relay setup to trigger the doors (connected inline with the button, could be done at the opener itself) using arduinos since they are cheap.

    But in reality, I would probably just get the lowes setup and call it a day.


      I don't have homelink but my garage doors are set up with GlobalCache IP to Contact Closures with UltraGCIR3 plugin. It controls the opening and closing of the doors. I have one Global Cache operating a double garage door and a single door. When I had my house built I had a Cat6 cable wired to garage so that is how I am connecting to the Global Cache but they do make wifi versions I believe.

      I also have a garage door tilt sensor on both doors letting me know the position of the doors.


        The Linear GD00Z-4 supports the zwave security class and works fine. It will not effect your homelink use at that is between the opener and the car.

        If you select a chamberlain for instance, you COULD get one with MyQ and use this plugin:

        If you don't want to trust this task to the cloud though, the Linear is your one, SECURE choice. Keep in mind you may need to get creative with the hookup. Some openers are beyond shorting two wires together to get the door to open. You'll most likely need to connect the contact wires from the Linear right to the control on your garage wall.


          If you also use the Amazon Echo look at the Garageio door opener. Integrates with mobile app and very simple to install. Then using the Echo you can check door status anytime from home or work. Does not respond to Z-wave commands directly!

          I love the solution for the garage door.


            I'm a big fan of Chamberlain and MyQ. Very quiet door opener and super reliable. Love 8550 has built in battery backup for the opener...can still open the garage door if the power goes out. There's a plug-in for HS, that will let you open/close, check status etc through HS, but can also work independently when HS is in "maintenance mode"
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              I have 3 Linear GD00Z-4's. It has zero interaction with your garage door remote control or the homelink buttons in the cars. You're existing remotes, buttons, homelink, etc will work as they always do. The GD00Z-4 work great. Secure connection to HS. They don't rely on the cloud. I think if you're a HS user these are a pretty simple decision. I control them with HSTouch all the time and easily incorporate them into local HS3 events.


                I have the Linear GD00Z and has been problem free and very reliable. I'm holding off on getting this again for my main home though because the maker of OpenSprinkler( which has free plugin for HS) also just came out with OpenGarage. Open Garage not only opens and closes, but also has the ability to sense the presence of the car being there or not. OpenSprinkler plugin author has said as soon as more details are released he should be able to have a hs plugin for Open Garage.

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                  Hi, make sure your garage door opener is compatible with the Nutone/Linear GD00Z. I have a high end chamberlain and its not compatible with it.


                    Originally posted by dtsouers View Post
                    Hi, make sure your garage door opener is compatible with the Nutone/Linear GD00Z. I have a high end chamberlain and its not compatible with it.
                    This is true. I installed one in my previous house and it had the LCD screen on the control panel by the door. I would suspect this isn't a simple open/close loop on the button and as such may not work.

                    Chamberlain though I think uses the MyQ stuff though.

                    Worst case if you have a spare is crack open a remote and solder it to a zwave door sensor .


                      Yeah, the Chamberlain has the MyQ interface. I may try to interface thru that then.

                      For now, I have EcoLink Door Garage Door Tilt Sensor for Open/Closed status.


                        I actually ended up with the Sommer direct drive. Does anyone know if it's compatible with the GD00Z. I searched but didn't have time to look closely.

                        I'll look again tonight when I get home.



                          Installed the GD00Z4 without issue. Was able to include it in the network and can communicate with it just fine. Unfortunately none of the commands work. 'Status' shows 'no status' and Barrier Operator shows 'Stopped'. I've unplugged both the garage door opener and the switch.

                          Of note, the instructions say it will beep 4 - 5 seconds before opening and closing, but it doesn't. I assume this means it isn't trying to activate the door due to the status of 'stopped'

                          Any ideas?


                            I have 2 of the gdooz's installed on my double doors. While working great now, I struggled figuring out why they would not initially. My wall controls had lcd displays with motion sensors a clock and a thermometer. It seems that the wall controls have enough resistance on the circuit (running the onboard electronics), that when the zwave module's contact close, the main board does not see the resistance drop far enough to trigger the operate command. It must be too brief. When I removed the wall controls from the circuit, it works great. I replaced the fancy wall controls with this : . I used stainless trim plates and it they look great. I miss the time and temp though.

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                              Originally posted by dtsouers View Post
                              Hi, make sure your garage door opener is compatible with the Nutone/Linear GD00Z. I have a high end chamberlain and its not compatible with it.
                              i got around this by applying the leads directly to a remote and powering the remote from a wall wart.

                              but then again my GD00Z just failed after 11.5 months of use.
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