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a couple of questions regarding support of Fibaro devices

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  • a couple of questions regarding support of Fibaro devices

    I am a long term vera user who is looking for a new ha solotion.
    I have spent the last 3 weeks reading everything about HomeSeer I could find.

    To make sure that all the devices I have installed will be working with Homeseer I sent the questions below to the HomeSeer pre-sales contact 2 weeks ago, but sadly they did not answer.
    Maybe you can help me out.

    I mainly use Fibaro devices. From a look at the list of supported devices it seems that I might run into some incompatibilities.
    In order to get first hand experience I first tried running the trial version on Win10 which gave me lots of issues with Homeseer dropping the connection to my UZB-stick. I recently switched to the trial Linux Version running on Ubuntu. No more drops so far.

    Below you'll find the devices I have excluded from my vera zwave network and included in HomeSeer but having troubles with.

    - Roller Shutter FGRM-222
    I use these in venetian blind mode which means I am able to control the position and the tilt of the blinds.
    In Vera I have 2 sliders, one for position up/down, one for changing tilt angle. In Vera this is done via a virtual device that sends zwave commands, so tilt has no native vera support.
    (see these threads for details )
    I would not mind doing something similar in Homeseer if I was guided to do so. I have read all the threads on the board, I know the Fibaro devices are not certified, but: Blind control is the single most important feature to me.
    If I am not able to get this to work it will be a deal breaker.
    Is there a way to send a zwave command to the Fibaro device via scriptingas I do in Vera?

    - Dimmer FGD211
    In Vera I make heavy use of the scene controller functionality (single/double/triple click on the S2 paddle) to turn on/off a group of lights.
    This has a great WAF which I am not willing to loose. Until now I was not able to get this working in Homeseer.
    I set parameter of the dimmer device to 41 to 1 (whichs turns on scene controller function) and included it and under capabilities it does show Scene_Activation. Alas, I have no idea how to setup a scene. In PLUG-INS > Z-WAVE > Scene Management I can see my device, but when I select it i get the message "a non-scene capable device exists in the above scene properties".

    - Door Sensor FGK-101
    these are working very reliably in Vera but give my quite some head aches in HomeSeer. One of the devices (the one closest to my UZB-stick, probably 3m away) will show "door closed" even though it is not. Opening / closing the door one or twice will remedy that. Still, this is no acceptable solution.
    On another door sensor HomeSeer created 6 child devices for "unknown alarm type in alarm". Excluding/including does't solve this. The same device was fine in Vera.

    Any advice to any of my questions is appreciated.


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    Hi Peter,

    Have you got the Fibaro Dimmer scene activation functionality workable in Homeseer?


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