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Deleting Failed Nodes

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  • Deleting Failed Nodes

    I had 2-3 nodes that didn't add properly on the first attempt, but did add the 2nd or 3rd attempt. those nodes are just sitting in the software as Node 8, Node 15 etc. How do I delete them? I'm using a Z-Net.

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    I think I found it. Device Management>Node>Delete. Correct?


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      The first thing to do is check the node management page at Plug-ins>Z-Wave>Node Information and confirm that the nodes are not still in the Z-Wave node list. If the node(s) are there then you will need to click on the device name, go to the Z-Wave tab and click on remove bad node. Sometimes they are stubborn and occasionally they will not delete. You might have to try more than once and even restart HomeSeer or the controller between tries. If you cannot get the node to delete there are some tricks, or you can just delete the device. If you run into one that will not delete, post back here and someone can let you know tricks that might work, depending on your hardware. If you delete the device without removing the node, a new device will be created if/when you do a Z-Wave rescan.

      If they are not on the Node Information page, then you can do as you wrote above. Click on the device name and then delete the device. Any events that were using those devices will be broken, so it is a best practice to edit the events before you delete the device. It doesn't sound like you got to the point where you were creating events.
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        Umm, the nodes are still in the Node List. There is no name for these nodes, so I don't have a link. Also, I don't see the Delete Failed Node option in the Z-Wave Plugin.
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          If the nodes are not longer powered on then

          - Do an import on the zwave tab, that will create a device, probably named "Sigma...".
          - Then go into that device and on the Z-Wave tab click "Remove".
          - Sometimes it gives a message that it can't remove it but has really removed it.
          - To check, restart the interface from the function menu, or disable and re-enable the plugin, then go to the node info page and see if its gone. If so, you can then delete the device.


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            Click on the 'Home' menu, you should see the 'Device List'.
            Click on the name of the node you're trying to remove. You should see 4 tabs: Configuration, Advanced, Status Graphics, and Z-wave.
            Click on the 'Z-wave' tab.
            Click on the 'Test Connectivity' button, wait for it to report that it can't find the node.
            Click on the 'Remove Node'