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  • Retrying a trial?

    There are so many plugins for HS3, some of which require specific hardware or just time to set things up to play with them. I wish there was a way you could say have a 1 week trial, but once it's up you can't retry it for another 3 months or something... That way you don't have people abusing the trial system by getting one month and then just retrying it 2 months later or something. Reason being is that I have installed plugins as trials to see if it'd be something I would want to use, and then not implement...but the further along I have come in my HS3 setup I realize a need for a plugin or two that I trialed months (possibly a year or so ago). I/We have no choice to buy it, without setting it up for our existing system.

    I have bought a few plugins after playing with them enough, but some I just don't feel there is enough value for my existing system, but in the future they would be... Is there any way to make the trail system a bit more flexible, other than needing to send a request email to allow the trial again? I am interested in two plugins that I compared months ago, but I'd like to retry them and choose the one that would suit my setup best. I sent two emails to HS on Friday (before I bought another unrelated plugin) and wish I had a way to test and old plugin that I trialed... Just bite the bullet and buy it (I just did)?

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    I feel sure HST would extend a trial for you. Email sales and explain it to them.

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      They've extended or reissued trial licenses for me many times. Like Rob said, just email them and usually it is done within a few hours, including on weekends. I think I've typically used support at though.

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        Ya I didn't hear anything back on Friday and I tried calling...but lucky me I called too late. At least purchasing a plugin gives you the key emailed to you right away, so at least I could get playing with it for a few hours today. Playing with Tasker with NFC tags. Pretty cool!