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  • Added Event Always Is Group Unknown

    Why is that about 90% of the time when I add an event it gets thrown into the Unknown Group instead of the Group that I am working in?

    It's very frustrating and inefficient.

    Is there some setting to keep this from happening all the time?

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    I'm not running into that at all. If I add an event using the "+" button under the desired group, the event is always populated with the group name under "Group Reassign", and it always is created under that group.

    If you click the "+" to the right of Event Groups, it will create a new event and a new group.
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      I meant to say Add Device

      Oops... Sorry I meant Device. When I create a new device when I am in a group of devices most of the time it is classified as Unknown and I then have to check Unknown in the Group list to get it to show, then click on it to change its name and configure it.


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        That's a known bug.

        It's particularly annoying if you are trying to create an X10 device because the one and only chance to configure the X10 tab is lost. The only work around that I've found is to delete the Unknown/Unknown device and try again.
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          Thanks for the info.

          Well, I guess the good news is that I don't have some strange abnormality in my installation.

          Maybe some day they will get to it and fix it.