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    Will this work?

    I am new to home automation and Homeseer. I bought HS3 PRO, and I'm anxious to get started. Will this work as my HS computer?

    I want to put it back in my wiring closet and access it remotely. What is the best way to access it from the computer in my study?

    Also, do I need to connect a Hometroller Zee as well?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

    It should. You will need something like an Aeon Labs Z-Stick to interface Z-Wave, and you will have to install HS3 on the machine.

    The Hometroller Zee is not necessary - it is just a Linux based controller that performs the same function as what you are looking to build.

    Remote access to HS3 would be web-based so you could just access it that way. The computer is Windows 10 so you could use RDP or about any other remote protocol to access the computer itself. Running headless (without keyboard, mouse and monitor) is pretty common in this type of application.

    By the time you buy the PC, the software and the interface, the Zee-S2 might be a better solution. It is Linux, though, and while you don't need to do much on the Linux side the learning curve is a little steeper.


      Personally, I'd go with the Z-net so you can "get out of the closet" with the Z-wave antenna. My network was working fine until I "put it in the closet" and now, I can't reach my workshop.... due to walls and distance (I think).
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        To access the PC then the built in remote access in Windows will work just fine.
        For accessing HomeSeer then use the web interface.


          I doubt that computer has Windows 10 Pro. Unless Microsoft changed, remote desktop is only available in pro versions. You can use Teamviewer or Google's Chrome Remote Desktop.

          Also, depending on the size of your system, the quad core Atom may not offer satisfactory web page rendering. Loading a Device Management or Event Management page can get really slow if the processor can't keep up.

          I would also recommend the Z-Net to easily place the Z-Wave interface in the place where it can reach the largest number of devices directly.
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            I use a Dell 3050 micro Win10 computer for HS3. Randy is correct, you must use TeamViewer, MS RDP is not available on the home edition of Win10.

            Steve Q

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              Will this work?

              That PC should run HS 3 without much trouble. You will notice that there isn't a whole lot of free resources to add other services to that system. Windows minimum requirements are 1GHZ and 1GB of RAM. Your other alternative is to setup Linux on the system (I would recommend Debian or Ubuntu). I can generally get Debian to run headless and without a GUI interface and use 100 MB of RAM. The HS3 pro install and license works with Linux. Now there is a little bit of a learning curve when going to Linux, but it is not impossible.

              If you plan on running on Windows, don't forget to set your power options to high performance. Additionally you may want to disable Intel speedstep/AMD cool'n'quiet as these will throttle down the CPU and may affect system performance.

              You will need a USB zwave controller interface (transceiver). I would recommend a Homeseer zstick+. I would advise getting a powered USB hub for the controller as I have heard of problems when the controller is underpowered by the USB interface.

              Try to remember not to put your USB zwave controller or wifi antenna inside metal cabinets or concrete walled off areas. Also, I would recommend putting the zwave controller in the center of your home in order to optimally cover your home.

              Once the computer is connected to your wifi and the HS3 software is installed you should be able to reserve an IP Address on your router's DHCP server so that your HS3 server always gets the same IP address. You may have to determine which TCP port the admin interface uses and ensure that it is allowed through the windows firewall so that other computers on your network can access it.

              You should not have to access the local computer remotely very often, unless you need to perform OS maintenance. I would recommend setting up VNC server on the computer for these situations. Then you can configure the client on a PC and remote into the HS3 server from your local network.

              Now you should be able to access the Homeseer admin web user interface from any computer on your network, using the IP Address and port number you configured for you HS3 server and application. For management from outside your network you could set up an account and link your licensed HS3 system on

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