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There must be a better way to do this

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    There must be a better way to do this

    About 6 months ago I updated from HS2 to HS3, overall I am satisfied but there is two things I cannot get used to (simply put, they were way better in HS2):

    1. the device management page, the display filters simply do not work for me. Way to many clicks to get the desired view, no way to go back to the previous one. What would help is an option to create frequently used views/filters, save them and make the available through the top menu. (eg. "All devices where room=office" and "All Arduino boards")
    2. the events view, simply running a event from this view requires way to many clicks. You first have to expand the group, then the event itself to reveal the manual run button and then you can run it. I wish the manual run button was in front of the event name and expanding the event is not required

    If somebody has a plugin/add-in to address the above I would greatly appreciate it, if our HS developers would address it in a future release would be even greater!


    I'm sure both or similar requests have come up in feature request threads but to no avail...unfortunately both would require changes on HomeSeers behalf rather than anything else and the existing HS API does not expose methods for people to write plugins that could modify the UI to help with this.


      I agree, especially on your first point. I am hoping that UI enhancements are part of version 3.1. I suspect that chasing bugs and keeping the wild beast, z-wave, in a cage has been a full-time undertaking so far.
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