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  • Migrated HS2 to HS3

    Reporting from the "Windy" that HS3 migration was well worth the effort. Been running HS since 2001 and after lurking around the board thought all the pieces were in place for the migration. The ease of getting what I want is so much better. The x10 devices were slowly replaced with Zwave over the past few years but my IR is still on the Ocelot. GTS CPUXA plug in works great for the IR and a couple of x10 motion sensors, matrix speaker control through IR and switches still in play. WAF with the dryer announcement is still on X10 so, that is working. BLNetCallerId plug in is handling the phone announcements and have spares of the Net Boxes to keep that chugging along. Echo dot is amusing the Grandkids with Jon00 helper on board. Had to upgrade the Stats to Zwave from the RCS x10 and went with the RCS Z45 with the remote sensors to average the temps between zones. Looked at the other WiFI offerings and it came down to RCS has been working for 15 years and Zwave is rock solid. They work great keeping the floors "balanced" out with the averaging remotes. Next is to build a Windows 10 machine to use Kodi for audio. Thanks to all of the regular contributors on the boards, the gang at HomeSeer and Merry Christmas to all "yous guys".