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Z-Wave.Me dongle duplicate

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    Z-Wave.Me dongle duplicate

    I have two RPis. My existing system is a RPi2 with a Z-Wave.Me dongle which has been running trouble free for eons.

    It is time to implement my RPi3 with a second Z-Wave.Me dongle using the same NodeId. Both RPis are not running at the same time and I do not wish to include all the nodes into a new NodeId network.

    Using RPi2 with dongle did a Zwave interface backup. Disabled dongle and added the new dongle and did a Restore assuming that I would now end up with two identical dongles which I could transfer to my new RPi3.

    I have ended up with several new networks which do not match my NodeId and one that matched the NodeId but which I cannot enable and remains red. Tried several ways to delete the additional NodeIds and even resorted to deleting the z-wave2.db file. Tried re-booting and deleting interfaces as others have suggested but no joy.

    Is there a tried and tested method of cloning Z-wave.Me dongles and if so can someone forward an idiots guide to the process. Can someone suggest where the z-wave information is kept is it in the z-wave2.db file or elsewhere.

    Many thanks


    RPi2 with and Z-wave


    I have four ZWave.Me UZB1 USB sticks and finally managed to duplicate one with the help from several posts.

    Two of my UZB1s are v5.1 another is 5.6 and 5.7. As Homeseer cannot restore from UZB1 v5.1 I found the right combination at last having migrated from RPi2 to RPi1 and also rebuilding my Z-Wave network nodes. I also tried a UZB1 in separate RPis and transferred data from one to the other.

    Have tried to update the version number and followed a guide provided by Andrew but this failed. Simplest solution was the buy another dongle..
    Eventually bought the v5.7 dongle and all is well.