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Moving HS3 Pro from Linux VM to physical machine

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    Moving HS3 Pro from Linux VM to physical machine

    Due to some issues with the server machine running my VM which hosts HS3 Pro, I've decided to transition to a physical machine.

    I have a Rock64 with 2GB RAM on the way, and I'm planning to use it.

    I've previously moved from a Raspberry Pi to the VM, and when I did, I messed something up where MyHS was messed up. I had to contact support to reset.

    My question is when I make this move, is there anything I need to do in any particular order to have a smooth transition?

    I already do a nightly rsync backup of my ./HomeSeer directory, so I should be good to go there. I'm mainly interested in being able to seamlessly re-connect to MyHS after the transition.


    ** SOLVED **

    Actually, just saw this thread, which looks like it addresses my question: