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How do you configure HS3Pro on RPi to use a 2413U?

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    How do you configure HS3Pro on RPi to use a 2413U?

    I have HS3 Pro running on my Rpi and have been using the insteon hub as the modem. How do I configure HS3pro to use a 2413U as the Insteon Modem instead?

    I figured it out /dev/ttyUSB1 (in my case) in the main Insteon config page. Silly me. Thanks


      What are the pros and cons of each? I was looking at trying Insteon with my Pi.
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        Thinking with the Insteon Hub you can install anywhere and the Insteon PLM has to connect directly to the RPi.

        That said you can also today just connect the Insteon PLM and utilize a serial to network program similiar to the ZNet.

        With this you can just connect the RPi to a POE for power and utilize one cable and put the RPi anywhere Insteon Hub style.
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          Missed this new activity somehow.

          The reason I wanted to use the 2413U and not the Hub is redundancy. The hub does lock up from time to time so both the HS3 commands and Hub commands no longer get out into the Insteon network. I was hoping the 2413U would make for a system more dependable to just the Hub but no luck so far. Between the two of them I hoped never to return to a dark house. This is proving to be illusive...