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What is the node limit with a Pi and HS3 for Pi?

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    What is the node limit with a Pi and HS3 for Pi?


    I am having trouble with some of the nodes/devices either losing communication, or being lost to the network.

    I am up to node 71.

    It's like I have gremlins. I remove a node, re-add it. Then I see another node is lost.

    I realized something odd was going on when I added a z-wave power outlet switch to control the HWS recirc pump. I have tried three different brand switches, they all disappeared off the network with a few hours. I moved the switches to another part of the house and the stay in network. I have devises all over the house, so I am assuming it is not a distance issue.

    Anyone have any clues what might be happening here?


    The official node limit for z-wave is 232. The HS plugin supports that. There are many with more nodes than you. I'd suspect an issue with the -wave database file. It can be rebuilt by going to the page and clicking on "Reset Z-Wave Data". This will rebuild the database from the info on the z-wave chip in the controller. Make sure you have a good backup first.
    HS 2134 Devices 1252 Events
    Z-Wave 133 Nodes on one Z-Net


      This is a follow up to my problem that remains to this day.

      I did as Sparkman suggested, but still. Any disturbance to power causes devices to disappear and become unreachable. I have to remove and re-add, then update any events etc. Could it be I have a defective Homeseer z-wave + device?

      Also my Eaton Cooper RFWC5WS 5 scene device has decided to remove a number of associations. When I try to re-associate, the devices are not available in the list, however they are available in the HS4 devices list.

      I have not initialized the entire network of devices and the homeseer zwave +.‚Äč

      Any suggestions most welcome