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UPNP warnings swamping log and slowing access

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    UPNP warnings swamping log and slowing access

    Hi, I have a remotely located RPi HS3 system behind a 3G dongle accessed by reverse SSH. Recently access has been very flakey and on the rare occasions I can log in I see these warnings swamping the log every 30 seconds...

    UPNP discovery is not running, most likely your PC does not have a valid IP address, will try to enable later: Invalid arguments

    If this system is not on a network, disable UPNP in Setup. If HS2 is also running, disable UPNP on that system.

    ...I haven’t changed anything, and unticking the UPNP box in Setup makes no difference. Please can anyone tell me what is going on?

    Turn off UPNP in your router settings and restart everything. Hope you are aware of this :
    It may not be the problem but just check!

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