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    Gmail setup

    I'm finally at the point of setting a gmail account for my son's setup. I created a gmail address and now need to set it up, which has been a challenge in the past (at least for me).

    I know there are a lot of threads with discussions about Gmail, but is there one that stands out as a real solution?

    I don't plan on reading emails received but rather plan on sending various texts as emails. It works fine with my personal provider, but I've never gotten Gmail to work correctly.

    Help please.

    Try this:
    Create the Email Account in GMail.
    Remember the Password you provided as it will be used in step 5 for the HomeSeer setup.
    Go to My Account via and make sure you are in as this new account by clicking the Account Item at the top right corner of the page.
    Scroll down to the Sign-in & Security section and click Signing in to Google
    Scroll down the right hand side of the page to the section called Password & sign-in method and make sure 2-Step Verification is Off. It should be by default and from earlier messages sounds as if it is off.
    Scroll down farther and turn on Allow less secure apps

    Then on the E-Mail tab within HS3 setup check use GMail.
    Enter your email address
    Enter your password
    Enter Default "TO" E-Mail address
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      Success! The pointers to various screens weren't as you described but I was able to ascertain what you meant.