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New to the HomeSeer Pi Scene Problems

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    New to the HomeSeer Pi Scene Problems

    Have been using HS3 now for about 3 years Standard windows licence. I wanted to move away from windows computer in an attempt to just cut back on electricity usage in general as I had an old desktop running the HS3 software overkill. I had a pi sitting around so figure I’d reach out to support to see if I can switch my windows licence (which you cannot) but was recommended by them to install Linux on the pi and id be able to standard licence.

    intsalled raspbian and installed the Linux version now getting this exception error any insight or steps to take before I try again from scratch is there and image I can write to an as card and I’m off to the races?
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    After more reading Solved Issue was missing some dependencies, specifically these


    all looks like it starts normally..

    At that point in time I had only installed Mono

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      Migrating my Zwave devices and rules from windows to Pi (Linux) do I just export my configuration .hsd file?

      Do I need to manually re install the Zwave interface/controller? (Assuming so)

      what’s the sequence and process?


      Aeotec Zstick
      and about 15 other physical devices switches/sensors


        Thanks for support for aiding

        Here is the process on how to Migrate fully ie back up your full system, restoring is also at the bottom of the page. For anyone else that needs to know. cheers
        In order to create a full backup of an HS3 system or installation, first you will want to backup your Z-Wave network, then your events, then you can save everyt