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    Status graphics

    Can I use custom status graphics in HS3 PI?

    How do I access the graphics folder?

    Thank you

    I believe you will find the graphics in /usr/local/HomeSeer/html/images. This is case sensitive. You will need to login to the RPi with ssh. You can create any subfolders you need in this directory to copy the files to. I created one called ClipArt on my linux install.

    You can go to the device in the Web Interface . Double click on the name. Got to the tab named status graphics. You can change the graphics for the status here.


      Thanks for your reply, but I don't understand.
      What is ssh?

      I have no experience with RPI.

      Thank you...


        ssh is secure shell. If you are running under windows and your RPi is headless (no monitor or keyboard) you will need to run putty or another program that creates an ssh connection.

        Putty is free and can be found here:

        if you are running raspbian then you will need to enable ssh on the pi. See here for instructions:

        If you don't want to get on the machine with the command line and just want to transfer files you can use scp or WinScp. WinScp is free and runs on windows.

        The following is a document that I am working on for Linux. It is not 100% compatible with RPi but it will give you some direction. Homeseer on the RPi are usually stored in /usr/local. if you have installed somewhere else you will have to change my directions to account for this. I install my HS in /opt.

        How to Install Mono for HomeSeer.pdf


          Thanks for the information, I think I have many things to learn ...

          I try to start testing what you say.
          I hope to do well.



            Well, I did it on the first try, I am very happy.

            I have not had to enable ssh in PI.
            I am using WinScp.

            Thank you very much for your help.


              Very welcome.