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    Hi Ferran
    I don't know if you have seen this thread:

    My homeseer currently runs on debian on a Rock64 - like a raspberry pi. I use the full version of HS3, not the Hometroller Zee version. I use a systemctl command:
    sudo systemctl status homeservice:

    I can stop and start the service, and not had a problem. In linux it should close it down safely.
    This can be linked in a bash file to close the whole thing down - ie stop the service and then shutdown the computer

    Hope this helps



      Originally posted by ferran View Post
      To properly shut down the system:
      Should HomeSeer be turned off first and then Linux ?.

      I have tried this, it does not cause effect, it does nothing:
      To shutdown HS3,
      event action is: Run another program or process
      program is: / usr / bin / service
      parameters: homeseer stop
      This works only if you have it set to run as a service. HomeSeer doesn't provide how-to's for this, but there is (unoffical) guidance on the forum.

      And this, restart HomeSeer but warning appears:

      For shutdown then reboot:
      event action is: Run another program or process
      program is: / sbin / reboot
      No additional parameters
      Yes, HomeSeer doesn't handle Linux system shutdown/reboot events. The method in post #11 should provide a clean startup though.


        dbvand, thanks for replying.
        I think I use Hometroller Zee version.

        Click image for larger version

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        I don't know if it works for me.
        Anyway my knowledge about this is very low.


          zwolfpack, thanks again i keep testing.