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Is detailed documentaion available?

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    Is detailed documentaion available?

    I created this topic on the Zee hardware forum, but it's probably more of a software question. I hope it's OK that I'm duplicating the topic here.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    I recently bought a very simple Z-wave hub (Ezlo Atom by Vera) and I think a more sophisticated controller will be more to my liking. I'm considering a Zee S2.

    I found the HS3 Online Help File which gave me a good idea of what to expect but I would really like to find out in greater detail what it can do. I have specific questions and there are sure to be details I haven't considered.

    Is there documentation that could spell out exactly what I might choose for a event triggers and actions? For example, are variables available outside of scripting? Can I compare a timer to some kind of variable or even a counter? Are arithmetic operations possible? What does the GUI look like for changing Z-wave device parameters?

    I'm not saying I would use any of these features, if available, but I'd like to know what's possible. Any help in finding more detail would be greatly appreciated.