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Load time consuming function when GetPagePlugin starts

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  • Load time consuming function when GetPagePlugin starts

    I'm trying to create a webpage that show a spinner and please wait text meanwhile the time consuming code run in background.
    The only way I have solve it for now is to start the page with a button and when pressing the button it load the function and when done it update the divtag.
    I'm looking for a solution make this function load direct when page is loaded.
    The name of function is fncCreateDeviceList and it include code to update the div tag. Where should I call fncCreateDeviceList from?

    Here is what I have tried, if I put ex 60000 ms it load the list every 60 seconds but since the postaction is triggered when the timer has ended is not usefull in this case. Wait 60 seconds for first load.
    I tried 0 and hope I could trigger the ajaxpost onetime only.

    Me.RefreshIntervalMilliSeconds = 0
    stb.Append(Me.AddAjaxHandlerPost("action=loaddevices", Me.PageName))

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