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    Hi, I'm trying to make the feature as the screenshots below shows.
    The layout is just hardcoded so I need to find out how to Serialize / DeSerialize the data and store it into the event.
    The user should be able to select command from a dropdown menu, then based on dropdown command, different textboxes/info etc should show up.
    I have not figured out yet how I should autogenerate new jqSlidingTab each time user press "Add one more action" and SerializeObject / DeSerializeObject everything.
    If there is anyone who can help me in right direction I would be very greatful.
    Thanks in advance
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    Please excuse any spelling and grammatical errors I may make.
    Tasker Plugin / Speech Droid
    Tonlof | Sweden

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    Best in that field ===> @rprade ===> Events

    Connact him for help.

    Edit: @Spud for plugin build.

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