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  • Multiple Instances

    Ok, having a hard time with this. Seems it should be rather straight forward but I guess not.

    Here's what I have setup. Can and what it's doing or not doing. Can someone point me towards the light? HS documentation needs a serious updating and cleanup!

    --My stuff
    SupportsMultipleInstances set to True
    SupportsMultipleInstancesSingleEXE set to False (should this be true?)

    --I question this function as it returns ""

    All throughout the rest of the plugin sample there's references to 'instance' for web page builder and in the main.vb for pulling instance from command line. When I start the PI I see the + to add an instance it prompts for a name. I give it a name and when I start it then it starts a new instance but it tries to use the same Config Page name.

    Attempt by plugin to register a duplicate link of Vera1Config. Plugin: Vera Instance:

    I'm sure I'm not doing something right, but there's no documentation that I can find on how to do this correctly. The 1 segment in the API docs I've reviewed and checked off those items, but still something isn't working right.

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    What? Nobody with info on multiple instances?