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Plug-in Request: Gree Smart Air Conditioners

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  • Plug-in Request: Gree Smart Air Conditioners

    I'm hoping someone might want to pick this up and build a HS3 plug-in for controlling Gree Smart Air Conditioners. There are lots of these units out there under the Gree and other brands, like Bryant. It looks like lots of work has been done already, including a binding for OpenHAB and C# .NET code:

    Thanks plug-in devs!
    Simple remote control utility for Gree Smart air conditioners - tomikaa87/gree-remote

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    Looking at the documentation and code it looks like some fairly simple JSON data that controls things, that shouldn't be hard to code into a plug-in or even in scripting but I'm out I'm afraid because I don't have an Gree Air conditioner and I can't seem to find anywhere to buy one in the UK. Hopefully someone else will take this up who actually has one.