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Call a plugin function from HS Touch

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  • Call a plugin function from HS Touch

    I have a plugin function that works correctly if called from a script. The syntax used in the script is:

    hs.PluginFunction("MyPlugin", "", "MyFunction", {"Param A", "Param B", 0})

    This works great.

    I would like to call the same function from HS Touch. With HS2 all that was needed was to add a '&' to the start of the command:

    &hs.PluginFunction("MyPlugin", "", "MyFunction", {"Param A", "Param B", 0})

    This does not work. I receive the error: Running script, init error: Invalid character.

    How do I call hs.PluginFunction directly from HS Touch for HS3?

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    I have same issue - works in a .vb script but not in a one line command in web interface


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      Put the call in an event an call the event from HSTouch.


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        I'd log it as a bug but in the meantime you can put that command in a normal script and then call that script in HSTouch.
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          Did anybody log a bug on this?

          I am seeing this too, but not only from HST. I also see the issue from "direct script statements" in events.

          Calling the Plug-In function only seems to work when calling it from a 'proper' script or from another plug-in
          Nicolai L


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            [QUOTE=NicolaiL;1139354]Did anybody log a bug on this?QUOTE]

            I found this bug:

            Suggest you guys subscribe to this if you haven't already done so.
            Nicolai L