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    Ocelot Plugin release

    Back in January, Michael said it would be a FEW weeks. Well it's May, please define "a few weeks". I have a large Ocelot based HVAC system that needs to be upgraded to Windows 7 and HS3. I have purchased the HS3PRO update and finally gotten xapmcsADIOcelot communicating but for the life of me I don't understand how the devices are created in HS3. Should the mcsxap plugin create them automatically from the list in xapmcsADIOcelot, or must I do that manually?


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      With xapmcsADIOcelot the HS3 devices are created via the mcsXap plugin. An endpoint in xapmcsADIOcelot is Accepted. When the value of that endpoint changes in Ocelot then the change is available to mcsXap. If Accepted in mcsXap then mcsXap will create a HS3 device and subsequent changes in Ocelot will be reflect in HS3 device. Further discussion on use of xapmcsADIOcelot should be in the xAP Discussion forum. This forum is for discussion of the HST Ocelot plugin that apparently has not yet been released.


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        Ken, I understand your frustration. HS3 is clearly a downgrade in it's current form. It is so slow to perform any task that I would do better some times to hire an 80 year old grand mother to go around the house and turn lights on and off.

        If HS ever gets the code good enough that the guys that right plugins would want to use it, then you will start to see the plugins we all want and need.

        I was merely providing an option for someone who wasn't aware. I had an ocelot for years. The ladder logic was slow but reliable and very easy to configure. The problem for me was that it required that everything be hard wired back to a central location. Insteon has given me most if not all of the features you mention, but I can put the devices where ever I want in my home. Got tired of crawling under my house or in my attic every time I wanted to add something.

        I realize you have a lot of time and money invested. We all do. My advice, stay with HS2. I've seen next to nothing in HS3 that HS2 doesn't do way better and far more reliably.

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          Well it seems a Plug-In has finally arrived ...but no IR support ,just Relay support Guess its a start but without IR still a no-go for me...


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            Really was hoping for X10 support in Ocelot. Hope it is coming soon. Using X10/CM11A today...


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                Any time frame for IR support????? Ready to try HS3 but without IR support cant do it yet


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                  Originally posted by Sonn View Post
                  Any time frame for IR support????? Ready to try HS3 but without IR support cant do it yet
                  I would recommend adding a Bugzilla ticket on the missing IR support and see if there are enough users to add to the ticket to ensure it's worth while for HST to add this functionality.


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                    Further to Rupp's comments, I suggest you look/update bugzilla 1885, in particular post 28 from Rich:

                    We have not added X10 support or IR detect to the plugin yet. I am not sure we will add it or not. This is VERY old hardware and really low priority right now as we have many new products we need to support. But if we add the support we will update this ticket. The source is available to anyone wishing to work on it.


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                      Guess I have my answer To Bad it works so good for OLD hardware. Will stay with HS2
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                        Scripting Ocelot Values

                        I saw comments that some had gotten temperature working with the Applied Digital Ocelot plugin. I tried, but the script is not quite right and I couldn't find any examples.

                        I'm trying to get the value from the analog input 1 on module 2. The problem is that it keeps pulling the same value 219, but sometimes pulls 0 or a negative number. I must not be using the public function correctly.

                        sub main
                        dim v

                        v = hs.PluginFunction("Applied Digital Ocelot", "", "GetAnalogInputValue", array(2,0))
                        hs.writelog "Ocelot", round(100*v/256,1)

                        rem 4 to 97 degrees F
                        if v>10 and v<250 then hs.setdevicevaluebyname "AV_Closet Temperature",round(100*v/256,1)

                        End Sub


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                          In case anyone has researched this path but has been reluctant to jump in I wrote a post on getting HS3 and the Ocelot working using the xap plugin and the mcsxapAdiOcelot application. Basically this method supports all the Ocleot's functionality (Variables, I/O, X10, and IR) but is a little more effort to configure. If you're interested in jumping in, I wrote a step by step guide here:


                          You can make the transition slowly as well, it's not an all or nothing process. Several people have gone this route, but no one has really documented all the steps. If you have gone this route, I'd like to hear about reliability.


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                            HS3 Ocelot plug-in

                            In case anyone is interested, I have just completed an Ocelot plug-in for HS3 and will be submitting it to HomeSeer on Monday 2/29/16.

                            A description can be found here: