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Plugin request - Nuvo grand Concerto

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  • Plugin request - Nuvo grand Concerto


    I don't know if this requires a new thread but where do we request a new plugin?

    In my case, the only thing missing to convince me to buy HS3PRO in the Nuvo Grand Concerto plugin to control my whole house audio system.

    I'm really not the one who is able to write my own drivers/plugins!

    Thanks in advance


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    I second this request.


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      I have been working on one for about a week now that is loosely based on the source code I bought from HS. I have made significant progress. It goes FAR beyond the scope of the original plug in. I am thinking 2 weeks tops, maybe sooner if I can spare the time.

      It is initially for HS2, but because of the way I designed it, it shouldn't be too bad to port to HS3. The plumbing to HS will be the only difference.

      I will keep this thread updated with my progress. I spent all of today refactoring and cleaning up code, and verifying I have a code path for every command and response in the spec. Next up will be to unit test each of those code paths to make sure they function as planned.


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        All of the triggers and actions for the plug-in are now functional. I've been using events to test actions and it's nice to finally have clickability on my Nuvo.

        My next hurdle is wiring up the HS callbacks.

        The last step should be creating the HTML page for configuration. The way this is handled in the API is pretty ugly ( basically involves slowly building one gigantic string ), and I'm no HTML expert, so this should be loads of fun.

        All in all, I'm very pleased with where I'm at so far.


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          I am taking a route similar to Blade's T-stat plug in where it will create devices that are more friendly to HSTouch for things like gain, balance, bass, treble, etc. It also means far less needs to be done on the configuration page via HTML as most of those things will be able to be controlled straight from the HS device.

          It seems there is not much interest in this plug in, which is a bit surprising. Perhaps that's why HS stopped supporting it. Oh well, at least I will have mine running like a boss and it's been a great learning experience.
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            Nuvo Plugin

            How did you get through with the plugin?

            I need one myself.


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              I'll buy it

              Did you get the HS3 for Nuvo working?

              Thx RR


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                Dbusch hasn't visited these forums since February 21 and his last post is above.
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                  Curious if you ever finished this project or got it working?