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    ADICON RLYXA doesn't work on HS3

    I'm trying to update hs2 to hs3. I am using a leopard controller with SECU16 (8 inputs and 8 outputs), SECU16I (16 inputs) and RLY8XA (8 outputs) modules. The plugin Ocelot for HS3 included has no problem upgrading the status of the inputs or drive and update the status of the outputs on module SECU16. SECU16I works fine too.
    RLYXA outputs doesn't work properly: These modules can act on the outputs and the system obeys, but does not represent the real state that whenever goes OFF, even if enabled.

    Any ideas?


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      Ocelots are not completely supported anymore for HS3.... no one will update the IR Code for HS3, its to bad the units worked great for IR. Hope you find a answer to your problem...
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        In case anyone has researched this path but has been reluctant to jump in I wrote a post on getting HS3 and the Ocelot working using the xap plugin and the mcsxapAdiOcelot application. Basically this method supports all the Ocleot's functionality (Variables, I/O, X10, and IR) but is a little more effort to configure. If you're interested in jumping in, I wrote a step by step guide here:

        You can make the transition slowly as well, it's not an all or nothing process. Several people have gone this route, but no one has really documented all the steps. If you have gone this route, I'd like to hear about reliability.