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  • I am working on a fix for the deadlock, but my work projects are taking time as well. Hope to have a fix ready this week.


    • Getting back to try the new version and seeing this for an error when trying to add. Also the log shows this error:

      Jan-21 9:08:12 AM Homekit bridge INFO: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. at Apple.HomeKit.HAPobjects.Characteristics.Characteristic`1.Se rializeValue() at Apple.HomeKit.HAPobjects.Characteristics.Characteristic.‪‬ *‎‬*​**‎*​**‏*‬‬‎*‏***‫​*‎‬*() at Apple.HomeKit.HAPobjects.Services.Service.*‪**‫‪‬‎‏** ​‫**‬**‪*‪‫‬‬**() at Apple.HomeKit.HAPobjects.Services.Service.‪‬*‎‬*​**‎*​** ‏*‬‬‎*‏***‫​*‎‬*() at Apple.HomeKit.HAPobjects.Accessory.‫*‪‬**‏‬‬*​*‎*‪‬‪* ‏​‬***‏‎‬*() at Apple.HomeKit.HAPobjects.Accessory.‪‬*‎‬*​**‎*​**‏*‬‬‎* ‏***‫​*‎‬*() at *****‬​‎‪‬​‫‫*‪‏**​‎*‫‫*‏*.‏‫**‪‎*‫*‬** ‎*​*​​‏‬*‏*‬**() at *****‬​‎‪‬​‫‫*‪‏**​‎*‫‫*‏*.‬******​** ​‬*‪*‬‬*‬​*​**(Byte[] , String , String , String , Boolean ) at *****‬​‎‪‬​‫‫*‪‏**​‎*‫‫*‏*.​*‏***‎*​‬ ***‫*‎‬‪‪*‬‎***(Byte[] , Socket , Boolean ) at *****‬​‎‪‬​‫‫*‪‏**​‎*‫‫*‏*.​*‏***‎*​‬ ***‫*‎‬‪‪*‬‎***(Byte[] , Socket , Boolean ) at *****‬​‎‪‬​‫‫*‪‏**​‎*‫‫*‏*.‫*‎‬‎​*‫‫* ‪​‪**‫​******() at ‫​‪‎*‪‫**​‏*‫‎*‬‎*‫‫**‎‎‎**.‎*‎‬‎*‏‪‫ ‏‬​*​*‎‬‬*‎‏**(Object )
      Jan-21 9:08:12 AM Homekit bridge WARNING: === Connection error ===
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      • Dedicated forum


        I just got a dedicated subforum for this plugin.

        Please post new messages here.

        A new version that will hopefully take care of the deadlock issue will be due today. Please keep an eye on the updater.

        @bmora, this version will include a little more logging for your problem as well.


        • Homekit bridge version: 1.231.16022.1122

          After clicking Enable pairing and waiting for the key to by generated, HomeSeer Bridge is showing in the Eve app on my iPhone 6S.

          Once the key is showing in Homeseer, the HomeSeer Bridge is disappeared from my Eve-app. So I've no change to connect to the HomeSeer Bridge to pair and enter the key from Homelier.


          • Originally posted by michaeldecharon View Post
            Once the key is showing in Homeseer, the HomeSeer Bridge is disappeared from my Eve-app.
            Same behaviour here.

            10 days left on the plugin trial and haven't had it working once.
            Are you going to extent the trial period?


            • My trial has expired never been able to get it to work. Can I have the trail extended?

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              • Hi,

                New to HS and trying to get this plugin working. I have tried adding the bridge to EVE several times and keep getting the same message from the app: "Adding Failed. Could not connect to accessory". The log shows the "connection error".

                Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?



                • Impossible to change the 'service'

                  I'm trying to change the HomeBridge service type of a device from 'switch service' to 'lightbulb service' but as soon as I select the 'lightbulb service', the page closes and returns to the device list page if I return in the device homekit tab, the value is still 'switch service'.

                  if I look in the log file i have an error message:
                  juil.-10 18:11:07 Error Calling PlugConfigDevicePost in plugin Homekit bridge->configuration in in read only.

                  Anyone have an idea on the problem ? how can I change the read only option and on wich file ?

                  thanks for any help

                  HS3 Pro Edition (Windows)
                  HomekitBridge 1.295.16033.1438