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  • Comments on setting up Plugin development under Linux

    Let me start by saying that I really don't know what I'm doing but I find that I learn best from those lessons.

    I just compiled my first plugin (JSONPost) with Mono. My that was painful.

    I used mono's xbuild to do that. It probably doesn't help that this was my first attempt at mono (never mind HS3 plugin dev). I know numerous other languages so I hope that helps. I have Linux kernel 3.2.0, Debian Squeeze (x86_64) and I installed all of mono. I found I had to a number of minor changes such adding 'As SomeType' (not literal SomeType) to a number of Dims and a New to a Global... statement. While it did compile I haven't tested it yet.

    Earlier I attempted the Sample HSPI but got so many errors I was scared off. I may go back and try it again.

    One thing I did find (and it seemed to work) was the follow the information on changing some mono files:


    I changed the $(VbcToolPath) to /usr/bin .

    Link found here:

    The error I was getting was vbc pathToTool parameter cannot be null.