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  • Mobile Device Control Plugin/App

    I've been building a basic control app for my lighting system using Homeseer over the last 2 weeks and was considering making it available for others. I tried HSTouch but was disappointed in the editor and some limitations. I understand it needs to support a wide variety of stuff and be customizable by people without any coding experience, so I don't fault HSTouch itself, I just wanted something different.

    I started with the JSON interface, but found it a little lacking and needed to do a plugin to handle events and client updates. Because of that, I just went straight TCP and everything works great so far.

    The client side is built in Unity3d and has a little bit of visuals (space scene going in the background). If I open it up, I'll probably add a few background options or just open source the client side so people can do whatever they want. It also handles some basic animation (fans spinning to match the current fan speed), but could really do just about anything visually.

    Now that my long story is out the of way, I had 2 questions.

    #1. Would anyone be interested in something like this?
    #2. Are there any really important features that would be required by a large # of people for it to be useful?

    I attached a screenshot of my current UI. (the background slowly moves and the UI scrolls if you have more devices than fit on the screen)
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    That's pretty cool! Nice work.
    Did you say it would be possible to put customs backgrounds? And is it possible to change the device dim level graphics to being just lines( like iOS and android settings pages use. )

    baby steps...starting again with HS3
    HS3Pro: Z-NET & 80 Z wave Devices,
    HSTouch: 4 Joggler (Android Kitkat), 2 iPhone, 3 iPads
    Whole House Audio: 5 SqueezePlay Jogglers w Bose Speakers
    In The Works: 10 Cameras Geovision, new Adecmo/Envisalink Alarm, Arduinos
    System: XP on Fanless Mini-ITX w/ SSD


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      I'd be extremely interested in this if the controls / app could be a widget on the android desktop. Would want to be able to see the status of a device and control it (with the status updating using either the homeseer graphic or one loaded in) and control events.


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        Normal lines were actually the default slider, it'd be easy to make it so you can swap between the 2 or mix/match them. And changing the background would be really easy if you use unity, or I can precompile a bunch of them in.

        For an android widget, I haven't done that before but it looks possible. Once I get everything else working really well and clean, I'll give that a shot. It sounds like a really good feature to have and something I'd like to use too.

        I'm working on cleaning it up a bit right now and dealing with things like dropped connections. There's still some sample code in there and a couple things I want to make sure are a bit more reliable. I also need to add some sort of a config area, since it's hardcoded to my IP right now . But after that I'll start sharing so people can try it out.