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Set the value of a VSpair list

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  • Set the value of a VSpair list


    See images below. I have a device with 2 dropdown lists. The problem is that I only can control the selected value of only one of the. In my case the dropdown list of the setpoint temperature is always the first value (15) which is not the value which is should be based on the current setpoint (21). The other dropdown list does work well, Profile is "Sun", which is also stated as the value for the dropdown list.

    All help will be greatly appreciated.
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    As your device only has one value then you can only keep one of them (temp or heatpoint) stored in the device, I am not sure you can do as you wish with a value for both. However when your device calls into SetIOMulti it is up to you to actually change the devices value, if you don't set the value when this is called you can have buttons that do other things (like set a mode), thing would be then is keeping a track of this mode if you restarted HS because the value would be the value you last used in hs.setdevicevalue.
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