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Device Last changed Date/Time changing when value doesn't

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  • Device Last changed Date/Time changing when value doesn't

    I am polling a thermostat and updating the associated devices. All the devices are behaving normally except for one i.e. their last Changed Date/Time only changes when the device's value changes.

    The odd one which is temperature has a last changed D/T that changes every two seconds even though the value has not changed. Here is a code snippet where several devices get updated together but only the device whose ref id is CurrentTemperatureRef has this issue.

         double value = returnMessage[2];
                    SetDeviceValueByRef(ts.CurrentCoolSetpointRef, value, true);
                    value = returnMessage[3];
                    SetDeviceValueByRef(ts.CurrentHeatSetpointRef, value, true);
                    value = returnMessage[4];
                    SetDeviceValueByRef(ts.ThermostatModeRef, value, true);
                    value = returnMessage[5];
                    SetDeviceValueByRef(ts.FanModeRef, value, true);
                    value = returnMessage[6];
                    SetDeviceValueByRef(ts.HoldModeRef, value, true);
                    value = returnMessage[7];
                    SetDeviceValueByRef(ts.CurrentTemperatureRef, value, true);
    I would appreciate any thoughts on how to resolve this.

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    Is anything else also writing to that device? It may be writing to it, but then your script is overwriting back to the same value but the date has still changed.


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      I have done a display all references in the plug-in and there is no other place where the device is being updated. I have also checked my events.

      Very Strange.


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        I just commented out that one line and rebuilt the plugin. The device stopped updating its device changed D/T. I added the line back and it has resumed changing the D/T.