Hi All,

I have updated my plugin to now source its data from a websocket server I have created. This works fine however I now notice that I get lots of errors in the logs relating to HS trying to save the string to the DB (this is not through my program).

Is there a fix for this?

Many Thanks!

Feb-08 13:19:08	 	Database	There were errors generated during the save of the database item. Please consult this log for more details and report any data loss to HomeSeer Technologies.
Feb-08 13:19:01	 	Database	Error - Save of the devices to the database did not succeed - see the log for more details.
Feb-08 13:19:01	 	Database	ERROR, device Paging Service Paging Service Latest Administrative Message (HSTOUCH) failed to be updated or added to the database.
Feb-08 13:19:01	 	Error	SQL Exception : UPDATE [Devices] SET [ref]=952,[name]='Latest Administrative Message (HSTOUCH)',[location]='Paging Service',[location2]='Paging Service',[Last_Change]='2015-02-08 13:18:54',[devValue]=678184,[devString]='FROM TRAVIS HALE: TEST MESSAGE',[object_version]=100,[object_data]=@ByteArray WHERE [ref]=952;
Feb-08 13:19:01	 	Error	SQL Exception updating device record in the database: SQL logic error or missing database unrecognized token: "'FROM TRAVIS HALE: TEST MESSAGE", Code=1, Link=