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Looking for pointers on where to start

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  • Looking for pointers on where to start

    At the moment I have a ton of devices/data working with other home grown software and a lot of it is available to me via MQTT. So my goal is to build an HS3 device interface to MQTT and get/set the device via that method. In the meantime I'll proceed with the samples that HS provides.

    Can anyone make any suggestions to simplify a complex starting point? Is there one of the samples that would be better to start with ?

    I'm using HS3 Beta under Linux (x86_64 at the moment). My dev env consists of emacs and the command line and I really don't want to switch to an IDE if I can get away with it. My background is C/Asm, Perl, Python, JS and many many more languages (typical Unix stuff). I'm just starting to learn C# and

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    I found the HSPI_SAMPLE_BASIC to be the better of the three but it still could benefit from some commenting and/or simplification. I have built my plugins from this sample although if you were only getting/setting devices from another application then is the JSON interface not a possibility?

    I know you say you don't want an IDE, I know it is possible to compile VB outside Visual Studio but I doubt using the samples will be straightforward if you start doing this if indeed it is possible. I think most would suggest using Visual Studio...I build all of mine in express.
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      Thanks I'll start there. :-)

      Actually I have been working with monodevelop. It helps solve the problem of being able to setup like my C and make env. I can't say that I like it (hey wheres the lisp? ).

      I've been working with Kirby Howell's HSPI_SAMPLE_CS (Sorry I like C# better than, seems more natural). So far I've gotten a pretty good handle on the main portion (it's simple), now I'm trying to grasp communicating with the serial device to get and set information. I'll substitute my MQTT routines later (another lesson to learn).

      Thanks again. :-)
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        Any success with a MQTT plugin

        I have also been integrating various IOT services via MQTT. Node-Red is a lot of fun to develop in and bridge various services.

        A MQTT device interface nicely bring Homeseer into the fold.

        Where do you stand on your implementation? I would possibly be interesting in helping out. While I have not written any homeseer plugins, I have skilled software developer and I sure I could pick it up in no time.




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          I would love to see a mqtt plugin for HS3. Did you make any progress with this?


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            Looking for pointers on where to start

            I'll add my name to the list as being interested in an HS3/Linux plugin/script for MQTT. Free or paid, I'd be interested either way.

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