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Supporting IFTTT in your Plug-In

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  • Supporting IFTTT in your Plug-In

    HomeSeer now offers an IFTTT channel.

    The channel supports triggers and actions. However, the IFTTT interface requires us to present a list of triggers first, rather than devices. HS has a problem with this as there could be a hundred triggers, and our triggers are dependent on the selected device. So without a device, there is no way to present a reliable trigger list. To get around this there is a property on the status/value pairs named "ControlUse" (ePairControlUse Enum). This property supports a fixed set of enums that we use as triggers in IFTTT. For example, if you have a pair that turns a device ON, set the ControlUse property to the enum _On. The enums are defined in the HomeSeerAPI file. We currently only support the folowing triggers:

    Door Lock
    Door Unlock

    For actions we add some thermostat controls, along with the above controls:


    For other triggers, users can create a virtual device and use HS Triggers to set the virtual device.

    We are looking at adding a generic trigger and action that just takes a value. This would allow for any type of trigger or action on any device. However, it would not be very user friendly.

    Note that ControlUse is also used by HSTouch clients to display some of the control screens as this is the only way it can know for sure which pair to use for ON/OFF/DIM. (_Dim is another ControlUse enum that is used by HSTouch, but it is not used by IFTTT)
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