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    Hey All,

    This is cheeky I know, but I can't write code for toffee so thought I would put the idea out there. There are already plugins like this, but they appear to be no longer developed or don't really do what I expect.

    So, basically what I am thinking is of a Outlook calendar scrapper. Maybe using MAPI and Outlook installed on the Homeseer server. That would speak calendar entries via events and Homeseer speaker.

    The plugin would regularly scan the outlook calendar for the next 24 hours. Based on what it finds, it would create a new event for each appointment. Maybe in a Event group just for it's use. It would also utilise tokens such as %subject%, %location%, %StartTime% and so on which have been scrapped from the calendar entries.

    In the options of the plugin you could set the default event details, so for example Event Name could use %Subject% and then have various actions. Trigger would be time set, and use %StartTime% or maybe %ReminderTime%. Actions could be set for the events, for example I would use the Speak action and then the action text would be something like "Reminder. %subject%". By using events to run the reminder, you could make it extremely flexible on what actions you could do based on the calendar entries.

    Once run, the event would be deleted. In the options maybe have an option to then delete that event, or reset the trigger time by 10, 20 or 30 minutes or something.

    Thanks for reading

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    If you have the ability to export iCal data from Outlook (I think you can however don't know if you can do it automatically) then you can take a look at the script I wrote that interfaces with iCal files.

    I use it daily on Google Calendar, at 8PM every night I download what I am working the next day (and any other appointments) and then set my SONOS alarms and wakeup routine accordingly. Also speak the days appointments if I want to...

    You may possibly struggle with doing it all by events, there are less options in HS3 to create events on the fly like there was in HS2 but should be just about manageable. I don't have the patience at the minute to make it into a plugin but the script is relatively easy to get going and once you have that data in a script you can move on from there.
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