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HS3-Insteon-IR Control?

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  • HS3-Insteon-IR Control?

    I am running HS3Pro, and an Insteon network... have been using it for many years, very happy with it..
    I am looking to control an in wall A/C Yes i said A/C using IR...
    The remote that controls my AC has a remote sensor on it.. I am currently using a Outlet module to turn the AC on and off, problem is, IN order to Use the remote sensor on the remote i need to send an IR single...
    So i was looking to try and change up the control and just emulate IR signals to turn on the unit and enable Remote sensing...
    I also have insteon thermostats, I can get real fancy and use it to control the AC perhaps
    But one step at a time...
    Smarthome has the IRLINC, but i can't seem to find any NEW info on it...
    Can anyone please point me in the direction of being able to control IR devices with my homeseer and hopefully insteon..

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    my insteon plugin doesn't support the IRlinc transmitter. i don't think there is an insteon-ir homeseer solution avail.

    but i did something similar to what you want using the following usbuirt ( with a plugin like this

    HS3 Pro
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      A year or two ago, I bought 5 gc100 units off eBay for $100. Then had the seller ship them to global cache for inspection and firmware update.

      Each GC has several IR ports which might allow you to add blasters for ur TV sets as well.

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