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Amazon Alexa app for HS3

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    Interesting but makes some sense since Alexa is meant to answer requests. Thanks for clarifying

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      I'll write the echo team about pushed speech too - great idea. The harder part for them is identifying which device (I have 3). I did request of the team the "Skip" command and the same day they installed it - first for music playing, and then that week for the News feeds that go on for ever.....

      I wrote today a request to the echo team to build a cross-walk in the user portal for user defined keywords to a phrase. Allowing real tight integration between plug-ins and Alexia.

      Example would be if you setup a keyword "Good bye" and associated the phrase "tell homeseer to run Prep home for away EVENT" it would know every time to run that exact phrase with a simple "Alexia Good Bye" command. The challenges with voice rec and integrating phrases can be simplified for the individual while meeting everyones needs.