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Smarthome Powerlinc USB ?

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  • Smarthome Powerlinc USB ?

    I read a few posts from back in 2014 that mentioned support for the Smarthome Powerlinc USB controller in HS3. Has there been any progress? I know X10 is considered a dying breed but the cost to replace my system is beyond my reach. If there is anyone working on it, I would be happy to help with testing.

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    So that is the delema.. Love mine too.. was reliable.. very very very...

    I was told originally HS3 would not support it and I landed a TI103 on FS section for $25 shipped.. couldn't pass it up...

    now that solved my problem but I too have 1 or 2 of these in my spare parts bin that will never get used...

    hope you find something to work with HS3 for yourself... I love my x10 system too as it works.. well right now nothing works.. but hey that is me... when my system was up.. it was solid...
    HW - i5 4570T @2.9ghz runs @11w | 8gb ram | 128gb ssd OS - Win10 x64

    HS - HS3 Pro Edition

    Plugins - BLRF | Concord 4 | HSBuddy 3.9.605.5 | HSTouch Server | RFXCOM | X10 | Z-Wave

    Hardware - EdgePort/4 DB9 Serial | RFXCOM 433MHz USB Transceiver | Superbus 2000 for Concord 4 | TI103 X-10 Interface | WGL Designs W800 RF | Z-Net Z-Wave Interface