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Event Trigger not working

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  • Event Trigger not working

    I have an odd problem that I can't find the problem. There are two triggers in the Concord plugin and one works and the other does not. Specifically, the TriggerProcessPostUI does not fire when a change is made to the bad trigger for that Event. The code for the two triggers is almost identical, both for the trigger build as well as the variables/classes they use. I would have thought that TriggerProcessPostUI would always fire when a change is made to a condition on the Event? UID's look valid and registered, looking at the actual event page, the HTML and Form code is nearly identical (bad vs good trigger) so not sure where to look for a problem. TPPUI fires immediately when any change is made to the "good" trigger. When the "bad" trigger is changed SubTriggerCount gets called then TriggerConfig, etc. TPPUI nevers gets called.

    Is there a precondition before the TriggerProcessPostUI will fire? I was thinking perhaps the trigger didn't get created correctly??

    Additionally, it DID work previously, as I have events for the "bad" trigger that do still have a condition listed (will not change though) and the plugin code hasn't change since from what I remember.

    Any ideas, where to look and for what?
    Running on the HS3 vers