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Ocelot Plug-In for HS3

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  • Ocelot Plug-In for HS3

    Hello folks.
    My name is Bruce and I own GainTech Solutions in upstate NY. We have been doing high end home automation installations in Florida (Tampa area) and in Upstate NY (Rochester area) since 2006. We have several HS2 installs using Ocelots (mostly for IO) and were in need to provide an upgrade path for our customers without forcing them to change out their hardware. A couple months ago, when I starting working on this plug-in, it appeared that interest in an Ocelot plug-in was dead. A great thing about the Ocelot, it works and is rock solid

    The plug-in will be submitted to HomeSeer tomorrow 2/29/16.

    Individual creation and deletion of IO, Variable, IR(Ocelot/Leopard and Secu16IR), and X10 devices.

    Variables can be set from Device Management page, event actions, and scripting.

    IR locations can be sent from the Device Management page, HomeSeer events, and can be learned from the device's Device Config page.

    X10 received signals have event triggers for All ON, All OFF, Unit ON, and Unit OFF commands.

    IO and Variables can be triggered in HomeSeer events with device value triggers.

    Triggers For IR Match

    Scripting for set IO, set variable, send IR, and send X10.

    X10 can be set/sent from scripting without devices created.

    Works with Windows and Linux.

    Supports up to 6 Adicon 2500 units.

    X10 support for lamp modules, extended lamp modules, appliance modules, and motion sensors at this time.

    No Bobcat support at this time.

    If anyone is interested I can provide a link to the description it has screen shots.


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    Any Updates?

    I hope I'm not the only one... :|
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      I'm in.


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        Originally posted by Jebus View Post

        Any Updates?

        I hope I'm not the only one... :|
        The plug-in is in the updater under Analog & Digital Input/Output Devices.
        The support forum is located here.
        See ya there