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  • HST Harmony Hub Plugin

    It seems that Logitech will only provide the API for the harmony hub to a company, and not to individual developers. While Rien's plugin is nice, it relies on reverse engineered control of the hub. If HST could write a Harmony Hub plugin that fully took advantage of all that both systems could do using their API, then it would make a lot of current, and future users very happy.

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    Or homeseer could obtain API and contract out the plug in back to current developer and continue to get their piece of the pie on plugin sales...
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      Updated to new version today and now the plugin will not start. I try to delete it but it will not delete....any suggestions? is this a known issue?


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        it is version is

        WARNING: Failed getting InterfaceStatus from Harmony Hub - the interface was not found in the list of active interfaces, the list may need to be refreshed.

        Everything was working fine before update